Education Program 

At the point where our children have restored their faith, self-confidence, and passion to attend school, we will facilitate these children to successfully attend and regularly attend school. To be able to track their progress and assisting them, we make sure that our children are supported two-dimensional by closely connecting the program's activities to the parent program. We closely work together with their parents to facilitate the most beneficial environment for our children's education.       


According to the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda, a staggering 32% of the Rwandan population is illiterate. Since education has been made to a national priority in Rwanda's approach to social and economic development, outlined in a strategic document called VISION 2020, Rwanda has experienced a rise in education efficiency. Despite this approach, by the government proposed free education does not automatically mean that schools are free of any charges. Public schools through primary six are supposed to be free of fees and compulsory according to the Law No 54/2011 of 14/12/2011. 

However, Parents still pay a certain amount to the school be it for teachers salary or lunch. Hence, in reality, school fees exist even though they are enclosed. Besides these enclosed costs, there is various hidden cost, such as examination fees, transportation costs, school uniforms, or material costs that are not covered by the state and that, in many cases, hinder a family living below the world poverty line, to send their child to school. 



Scholarships details 

With the help of donations, investments, in-kind contributions, and our godparent program, we support our children both, financially and in substance.


Currently, 55 children are enrolled in our scholarship program and receive the full support needed to successfully follow school. Each child enrolled in the scholarship program requires financial support for:

  1. School fees 

  2. School Uniform

  3. School materials (i.e. stationery, school bag, and books)

  4. Health Insurance 


The educational support from Root Foundation includes:

  • Following up the children and their progress in studies on a weekly basis         

  • Assisting the children with homework and revision

  • Developing close relationships with their teachers

  • Educating parents and caregivers on the importance of their children’s studies

  • Staying in close contact with the parents in order to provide a two-dimensional approach facilitating the most beneficial environment for our children´s education

  • Providing an open library with school books


Cost of school:

Within the education program, we financially support our children to facilitate a regular school visit . Requirement for our children to regularely attent school is a healthy life. Therefore, we provide our children with a health insurance of around 15.000 RWF. Since regulations in Rwanda prescribe that insuring one child in a familautomatically presumes a health insurance for the entire family´s children. Hence, by paying health for one child automatically insurse the entire family.   


1. Primary School 

The school fee for the primary school is composed of the regular school fees, admission fees, a school uniform, and materials such as a school bag and school books.  


















2. Secondary I (7-9 class)


The school fee for the Secondary I, which covers the class 7 to 9, is composed of the regular school fees, admission fees, a school uniform, and materials such as a school bag and school books.



















3. Secondary II (10-12 class)

The school fee for the Secondary II, which covers the class 10 to 12, is composed of the regular school fees, admission fees, a school uniform, and materials such as a school bag and school books.


















Through your donation, you are able to provide our children with the opportunity to attend school. Regular school and home visits ensure our sponsored children attend school and reach their potential.



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