Children abandoned, poor, and hungry due to extreme poverty, natural disaster, or civil war are the most vulnerable citizens of the world.

For five years the Root Foundation has been working in Kigali and its peripheries to give children from vulnerable backgrounds a save place to develop.

In 2010, Kiruhura Patrick produced a short documentary called “Nzitukuze” highlighting the amount of uneducated women and children on the streets in Kigali. After production of the documentary, Kiruhura Patrick thought about helping the street children in need. Consequently, he started introducing his vision to his friends.


In 2012, Patrick Kiruhura and Muragwa Bienvenue began to develop the idea of founding the Root Foundation for Youth Development. They identified the indisputable need for youth development in Rwanda, especially in Rwanda´s capital Kigali.

Even though youth development was identified by the Government of National Unity as the core factor in shaping and fulfilling Rwanda´s long-term development path, enduring progress has been missing. Staggered, Patrick Kiruhura and Muragwa Bienvenue identified Root Foundation´s core area of development as what constitutes Rwanda´s principle asset: its people. They recognized the civil society as the integral actor when it comes to initiating an impulse in youth development rather than leaving the responsibility solely to the Government.

After the formation of the Root Foundation Center in Batsinda, Kagugu with the help of the local government in Kigali, the Root Foundation was first approved as a Non-governmental organization in 2014 by the Rwandan Governance Board (RGB). Pursuant to the law no° 04/2012 of 17/02/2012 governing the organization and functioning of non-governmental organizations, especially in its articles 22 and 23, the Root Foundation was officially issued as a Legal Personality with the official name ROOT FOUNDATION.

The need for NGOs, its services to society, and its contribution for socio-economic outcomes in Rwanda, has become increasingly important in the aftermath of the genocide 1994. In the following years, Rwanda came into international prominence. Both international as well as national non-governmental organizations began to operate in Rwanda. The need for NGOs such as the Root Foundation to address socio-economic deficiencies has increased continuously.

The Root Foundation started its operation at its youth development center in Batsinda, Kagugu in Kigali. On May, 29 2017 the Root Foundation expanded its operation by establishing a social enterprise named Root House, which serves as a social community center and multipurpose space, building on the power of a vibrant young generation. 

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Root Foundation

Children's Center Batsinda

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